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By Duncan Pay, Editor-in-Chief

An overview of the Fall 2014 issue of Gems & Gemology, as well as GIA’s efforts to promote gemological research.

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Optical Properties
Optical Properties

Pleochroism in Faceted Gems: An Introduction

Richard W. Hughes, Oct 31, 2014

Describes the phenomenon of pleochroism and its complex effect on the appearance of colored stones.

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Nephrite Jade from Guangxi Province, China

Zuowei Yin, Cui Jiang, M. Santosh, Yiming Chen, Yi Bao, and Quanli Chen, Oct 31, 2014

Introduces the Chinese nephrite mine in Hechi and characterizes the “band” and dendritic patterns found in this material.

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Observations on Pearls Reportedly from the Pinnidae Family (Pen Pearls)

Nicholas Sturman, Artitaya Homkrajae, Areeya Manustrong, and Nanthaporn Somsa-ard, Oct 31, 2014

Examines the internal structure, chemical composition, and spectroscopic features of 22 pen pearls.

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Regular Features

Lab notes
Lab Notes

The latest advances and findings from GIA laboratories.

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Gem News
Gem News International

Global coverage of gem sources, notable new gem materials, and recent industry developments.

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Book Review
Book Reviews

Your guide to the latest gem and jewelry books and other media.

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Gemological Abstracts

Summaries of important gem and jewelry articles recently published elsewhere.

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Congratulations to the readers who earned a perfect score on this year's Challenge quiz.

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