Tucson: A Showcase of Colored Gemstone Innovation
Duncan Pay, Editor-in-Chief

An overview of the Spring 2016 Gems & Gemology content. 

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Chrysoberyl from the New England Placer Deposits, New South Wales, Australia

Karl Schmetzer, Franca Caucia, H. Albert Gilg, and Terrence S. Coldham, Apr 28, 2016

Examines a collection of chrysoberyl samples from these sapphire placer deposits to determine their distinct mineralogical and chemical properties.

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Gem-Quality Serpentine from Val Malenco, Central Alps, Italy

llaria Adamo, Valeria Diella, Rosangela Bocchio, Caterina Rinaudo, and Nicoletta Marinoni, Apr 28, 2016

A detailed characterization of serpentine from this mountain locality, focusing on its use as a gem material.

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Treatment Process
Treatment Process

Identification of “Pistachio” Colored Pearls Treated by Ballerina Pearl Co.

Chunhui Zhou, Joyce Wing Yan Ho, Sally Chan, Jessie Yixin Zhou, Surjit Dillon Wong, and Kyaw Soe Moe, Apr 28, 2016

A report on the color treatment process for these intensely greenish yellow to yellowish green cultured pearls and the techniques for identifying them.

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Variscite from Central Tajikistan: Preliminary Results

Andrey K. Litvinenko, Elena S. Sorokina, Stefanos Karampelas, Nikolay N. Krivoschekov, and Roman Serov, Apr 28, 2016

A look at the gemological properties and chemical composition of this light blue to light green to green gem material, which is suitable for cabochon cutting.

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Lab notes
Lab Notes

The latest advances and findings from GIA laboratories.

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Gem News
Gem News International

Global coverage of gem sources, notable new gem materials, and recent industry developments.

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An in-depth look at the hidden world of gem inclusions.

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Book Review

Your guide to the latest
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The Chinese Soul in Contemporary Jewelry Design

Andrew Lucas, Merilee Chapin, Moqing Lin, and Xiaodan Jia

Splendor in the Outback: A Visit to Australia’s Opal Fields

Tao Hsu, Andrew Lucas, and, Vincent Pardieu

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