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Winter 2020 G&G Available Now

The Winter issue covers an array of insightful topics, including treatment detection, geographic origin separation, and more.

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A row of five low-quality bead cultured pearls.
A Study on Improving the Surface Appearance of Low-Quality Pinctada maxima Bead Cultured Pearls

In this study, the Bangkok laboratory examined five low-quality bead cultured pearls sourced directly from a local pearl factory and characterized their features before and after processing.

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Gems & Gemology Fall 2020 In Brief
Fall 2020 G&G Available Now

This issue features a unique glimpse into the overwhelming majority of diamonds submitted to GIA: those on the D-to-Z color scale.

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A white a purple pearl sitting in half of it's shell.
Clam Chowder with a Side of Pearl

Recently, staff in GIA’s New York laboratory were astounded by two natural pearl finds on opposite coasts – one in Baja California, Mexico and one in Long Island, New York. Each find was outstanding and worthy of exploration.

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Gems & Gemology Summer 2020 In Brief
Summer 2020 G&G Available Now

An overview of the Summer 2020 Gems & Gemology content.

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Sorting melee on white background
How Do I Know if the Fancy Melee in My Jewelry is Natural Diamond?

Learn about how GIA is addressing industry concerns over undisclosed laboratory-grown and simulated fancy melee being mixed in with natural fancy melee.

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