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Review of Gempedia: A Comprehensive Glossary for Gemstones and Gemmology, by Rui Galopim de Carvalho
Book Review: Gempedia: A Comprehensive Glossary for Gemstones and Gemmology

Review of Gempedia: A Comprehensive Glossary for Gemstones and Gemmology by Rui Galopim de Carvalho.

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1.23 ct, unheated rough from Ilakaka, Madagascar
The Nature of the Be-Nb-Ta Containing Cloud in Natural Madagascar Blue Sapphire – An FIB/HRTEM Study

Investigates the nature of nano-inclusions of elements such as niobium, tantalum, and tungsten in the milky regions of natural beryllium-bearing sapphires.

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Gems & Gemology Spring 2024 In Brief
Spring 2024 G&G Available Now

An overview of the Spring 2024 Gems & Gemology content.

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Figure 1. A fine 925 ct crystal that was formerly displayed in the Texas State Capitol and sat on the governor’s desk in 1969 when the legislature adopted blue Texas topaz as the state gem. This specimen was found in 1904 and now resides in the Hamman Gem and Mineral Gallery in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin (catalog no. B0344). Photo by Blanca Espinoza.
G&G Features in a Flash: Texas Topaz

Learn about Texas topaz history and geographic origin research.

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Figure 1. This 2.20 ct Fancy Deep brownish orange treated HPHT-grown diamond owes its distinctive appearance to multiple defect concentrations created within the various growth sectors. Photo by Diego Sanchez.
New and Notable Finds from the GIA Lab: Winter 2023

Discover a bicolor chameleon diamond, a diamond with carbon dioxide, and a pink square inside a diamond.

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Sun setting over water in Northern Madagascar
Gems of Northern Madagascar Video with GIA Field Gemology

Madagascar, a gemstone wonder, is explored by GIA's Field Gemology Manager, Wim Vertriest. He retraces the island's gemstone history and shares experiences from a recent expedition to two remote mines in Northern Madagascar: a demantoid and a sapphire mine.

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