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Kathryn Kimmel

GIA’s longtime head of marketing and public relations, and the first female member of its executive team, dramatically raised the Institute’s profile across the industry and public.

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A truck travel the circular roadways of the large mine.
US Consumer Confidence Remains Strong; Alluvial Diamond Tracking and Illegal Gold

U.S. consumer confidence has kept the economy from sliding into a possible recession.

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An oval shaped 33.40 ct white Australian opal and diamond pendant/brooch set in platinum.
The Enigmatic Gemstone: Opal’s Playful Dance with Light

A lyrical dance of bold, broad flashes of color or smaller, quicksteps of pinpoint flashes.

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A large group of people outside on GIA’s Carlsbad, California  campus.
Guardians of Trust: GIA’s Innovative Research, Instruments and Services

GIA’s services, instruments address new treatments and laboratory-grown gems as they enter the market.

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Pinctada maxima shells
Known Non-Nacreous Non-Bead Cultured Pearls and Similar Unknown Pearls of Likely Cultured Origin from Pinctada maxima

Non-nacreous non-bead cultured pearls from the Pinctada maxima mollusk are characterized and compared with pen pearls in order to aid in origin separation.

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Natural Shell Blisters and Blister Pearls: What’s the Difference?

GIA researchers explore the differences between whole, blister, and shell blister pearls in this study using 33 samples from Pinctada maxima mollusks recovered off Broome, Australia.

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