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CVD, HPHT and Natural Diamonds
Is There a Difference Between Natural and Laboratory-Grown Diamonds?

Learn about the differences – and similarities – between natural and laboratory-grown diamonds, and how GIA’s researchers and grading laboratories can tell the difference

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Two sections of the reconstructed Amber Room wall show the mirrored pilasters that separate the panels, the Florentine mosaics, and the intricate amber wreaths and clusters on and atop the cornice.
The Amber Room: Born From Vanity, Re-Born From National Pride

The journey of a cultural landmark from Prussia to Russia. The first room is lost to history; the second is reconstructed by the Soviet Union.

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Looking down the crystal axis of a backlit 58.83 ct trapiche emerald
Emerald: The Superstar of Trapiche Gemstones

Trapiche emeralds, which display a distinct six-spoke wheel pattern, set the standard as some of the finest and most spectacular crystals unearthed.

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552.7 ct Yellow Diamond from the Diavik Mine
The Largest Diamond Ever Discovered in North America

GIA examines a 552.7 ct diamond from the Diavik mine in Canada.

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Rough tsavorite.
Revealing “The Angel in the Stone”: The Largest Known Square Cushion-Cut Tsavorite

At the AGTA show, Bridges Tsavorite unveiled the largest known square cushion-cut tsavorite, weighing 116.76 ct.

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Natural diamond with CVD synthetic diamond overgrowth
CVD Layer Grown on Natural Diamond

A composite of synthetically grown and natural diamond was recently identified by the Carlsbad laboratory.

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