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A woman sits in front of a computer screen with the DiamondView to her right.
Inside De Beers’ Lightbox Diamonds

GIA confirms that De Beers’ Lightbox diamonds are grown using the chemical vapor deposition process.

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Cushion cut synthetic diamond
Laboratory-Grown Diamonds: Demand Rises, Prices Fall

Lab-grown diamonds continue to dominate industry news. Plus: Natural Diamonds, Kimberley Process

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A man and woman shake hands during a career fair event. In the background is a GIA poster.
Adapting to Changing Workplaces: GIA Offers Employment Insight

GIA Career Service advisors share insights on how to be successful in the gem and jewelry industry.

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A man and three women pose in front of India setting.
Making Connections in 2019: Alumni Association India-Themed Event, Buccellati Contest Winner, and Other GIA Activities in Tucson

Find out how GIA connected with alumni and friends at the 2019 Tucson shows.

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A large group of people pose for a photo in front of a dinosaur skeleton.
GIA Alumni Association’s Year for Engagement, Growth and Education Opportunities

GIA Alumni Association benefits help you grow and develop your jewelry industry career.

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Man sits next to microscope.
Tucson Visit Spurs Geology Professor, Publisher to Head Back to School

Alum writes about gem materials for visitors to, his Earth Science website.

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