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A large piece of rough diamond sits on some rocks.
2018: A Good Year for Finding Mega-Diamonds

The three diamond mining companies that specialize in digging up large stones have found some really big ones during the first quarter of the year.

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A view from behind of a bejeweled winged insect.
A Glittering Garden: A Menagerie of Designs from Mother Nature

Delightful garden creatures and flowers are favorite subjects that transform beautifully into Victorian, Art Nouveau and modern jewelry designs.

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G&G Spring 2018 Cover
Spring 2018 G&G: Color Origin of Green Diamonds, Iridescence in Hematite, and the Outlook from Tucson

A summary of the Spring 2018 issue of Gems & Gemology.

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The gems spell out “The 2000th Gem Stone Design.”
Gemstone ‘Paintings’ Tell Story of a Master Craftsman, Gem and Jewelry Mentor

A jeweler who quietly built a circle of inspiration and influence lives on in generations of GIA-educated jewelers and gemologists.

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Woman shines a light on huge crystals as she crawls among them.
Gemologist Aims to Pique World’s Curiosity in Giant Crystals

‘Adventure seeker’ crawls through underground caves to reach and research giant selenite crystals – then shares her knowledge with the world.

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Pinctada margaritifera (black-lipped pearl oyster) shells together
Non-Bead-Cultured Pearls from Pinctada margaritifera

A new report from GIA's Bangkok laboratory examines a set of 120 NBC samples stated to be of "Tahitian" origin.

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