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552.7 ct Yellow Diamond from the Diavik Mine
The Largest Diamond Ever Discovered in North America

GIA examines a 552.7 ct diamond from the Diavik mine in Canada.

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A bow brooch with long ribbon tendrils.
Bows in Jewelry: The Finishing Touch in Giving

Bows have been a popular motif and finishing touch in jewelry and fashion from time immemorial, recurring and adapting to reflect the style of the era.

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The ring is designed with a wavy strip of black diamonds in the center framed on each side with colorless diamonds set in a ruffled edge The earring are crescent shaped with black diamond on the inside framed by colorless diamonds in a ruffled edge.
GIA Researchers Look Inside Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are striking in jewelry. GIA researchers report on the unique properties used to identify black diamonds and the potential treatments.

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Winter 2018 G&G: The Color Origins of Pink-to-Red Diamonds and Gem-Grade Diaspore, and Gemological Characteristics of Pearls from P. Maculata

A summary of the Winter 2018 issue of Gems & Gemology.

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Young man reads illustrated gem guide, sitting on a cement bench.
Gem Guide Delivers Education, Social Return to Artisanal Miners

New illustrated gem guide helps small-scale artisanal miners learn more about the quality and classification of the gems they recover.

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Shoppers walk in a mall past a Chow Tai Fook jewelry store.
Season’s Sales: US Up 4% to 5%, But China Continues to Lag

The U.S. holiday season saw strong sales, but China continues to struggle. Plus: diamond market report and lab-grown diamond sales.

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