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A large scoop of rough diamonds.

Consumer Confidence, Jewelry Sales, On the Rise

Russell Shor, February 12, 2018

The improving economy and continued employment growth in the U.S. have Americans looking past the news of the day to go out and spend money.

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A man and woman sit at a restaurant table gazing at one another.

Texas Jewelers Leave a Legacy of Learning, Bestow Nearly $500,000 for Scholarships

Kristin A. Aldridge, January 29, 2018

Charles and Erna Leutwyler’s endowed scholarship makes it possible for future generations of aspiring gem and jewelry professionals to pursue dreams.

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Lattice-patterned gems encase an 18K gold kaleidoscope.

Katzenbach Designs Honored with Two AGTA Awards in Two Years

Jaime Kautsky, January 26, 2018 Topics: Design, Faceting, Jewelry

Designer specializes in Maine tourmaline, precision faceting, fantasy-cut gemstones and custom-designed jewelry.

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Wedding couple: Groom in black tuxedo and woman in white gown hold hands and gaze at one another. California hills in the background.

Love in Tucson: The ‘Stars Aligned’ for Geologist and Designer at GIA Alumni Party

Jaime Kautsky, January 26, 2018 Topics: Geology, Jewelry

They met in line to get into the GIA Alumni Association Tucson party – and changed the course of their lives forever.

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The body and legs of the spider palm bracelet rests on top of the hand; the egg and web nest are the ring.

Designer’s ‘Complex, Eccentric’ Pieces Create Buzz, Find Fans in Hollywood and D.C.

Jaime Kautsky, January 26, 2018 Topics: Design, Education

Los Angeles designer designs a popular political pendant, is earning national press coverage and finding fans among Hollywood A-listers.

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Winter 2017 Gems & Gemology

Winter 2017 G&G: Cullinan-Like Superdeep Diamonds, the Artistic Exquisite Gem Carvings of the Dreher Family, and Matrix-Matched Corundum Standards

Jennifer-Lynn Archuleta, January 22, 2018

A summary of the Winter 2017 issue of Gems & Gemology.

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Tips From the Bench
How to Modify a Goldsmith Hammer

Compiled by GIA’s Jewelry Manufacturing Arts Instructors

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The First Point of Reference for Gems and Jewelry

Located on GIA's Carlsbad campus, The Richard T. Liddicoat Gemological Library and Information Center is the largest, most complete library of its kind.

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