Spring 2024 - Volume 60, Issue 1

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the quarterly journal of the gemological institute of america


Gems & Gemology Turns 90!

Duncan Pay, Editor-in-Chief

An overview of the Spring 2024 Gems & Gemology content.

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Regular Features

Lab Notes

Lab Notes

The latest advances and findings from GIA laboratories.

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An in-depth look at the hidden world of gem inclusions.

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Gem News

Gem News International

Global coverage of gem sources, notable new gem materials, and recent industry developments.

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Diamond Reflections

Diamond Reflections

Examines topics related to the natural formation of diamond.

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Special Features

Figure 3. The 18K gold half link features a QR code that leads to a website with details about the garnets and the necklace’s creation. Photo by Robert Weldon; courtesy of Mary van der Aa Fine Jewels and Tucson Todd’s Gems.

In the Spotlight

A platinum necklace featuring 28 rare garnets won two 2023 AGTA Spectrum Awards.


Most Valuable Article Awards

MVA First Place

Yellow Sapphire: Natural, Heat-Treated, Beryllium-Diffused, and Synthetic
John L. Emmett, Ungkhana Atikarnsakul, Jennifer Stone-Sundberg, and Supharart Sangsawong

MVA Third Place

Color Modification of Spinel by Nickel Diffusion: A New Treatment
Michael Jollands, Abadie Ludlam, Aaron C. Palke, Wim Vertriest, Shiyun Jin, Pamela Cevallos, Sarah Arden, Elina Myagkaya, Ulrika D’Haenens-Johannson, Vararut Weeramongkhonlert, and Ziyin Sun

Special Colors and Optical Effects of Oregon Sunstone: Absorption, Scattering, Pleochroism, and Color Zoning
Shiyun Jin, Aaron C. Palke, Nathan D. Renfro, and Ziyin Sun