Recent Findings

CVD overgrowth on natural diamond

A Synthetic Diamond Overgrowth on a Natural Diamond

Kyaw Soe Moe, Paul Johnson, Ulrika D’Haenens-Johansson and Wuyi Wang , May 1, 2017

Analysis of a diamond graded Fancy blue revealed a CVD synthetic overgrowth on natural diamond.

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5.19 ct CVD synthetic diamond

CVD Synthetic Diamond Over 5 Carats Identified by GIA

Billie “Pui Lai” Law and Wuyi Wang , January 27, 2017

Results from GIA’s recent testing of a 5.19 ct CVD synthetic diamond, the largest it has examined to date.

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10.08 ct HPHT synthetic diamond with color equivalent to Fancy Deep blue

Blue HPHT Synthetic Diamond Over 10 Carats

Terry Poon and Wuyi Wang , January 27, 2017

Results from GIA’s recent testing of a 10.08 ct blue HPHT synthetic diamond, the largest HPHT synthetic recorded to date.

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Other Publications

Large, Rare Diamonds Reveal the Inner Workings of Earth’s Mantle

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Double-sided Plate Laser Cut from Alluvial Diamond

Diamond Growth from C–H–N–O Recycled Fluids in the Lithosphere: Evidence from CH4 Micro-inclusions and δ13C–δ15N–N Content in Marange Mixed-habit Diamonds

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Ongoing Research

Four Pinctada maculata bead-cultured blister pearls

Pinctada maculata (Pipi) Bead-Cultured Blister Pearls Attached to Their Shells

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Rough and cut sapphires

A Study of Sapphire from Chanthaburi, Thailand and its Gemological Characteristics

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Blue Sapphires

An In-Depth Gemological Study of Blue Sapphires from the Baw Mar Mine (Mogok, Myanmar)

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Sapphires from the Gem Rush Bemainty area, Ambatondrazaka (Madagascar)

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