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For decades, GIA has been on the cutting edge of gemological research, analyzing data on gems and their characteristics. This effort becomes more challenging each year, as new gem sources emerge and new treatment processes and synthetic materials come onto the market.

Recent Findings

Natural diamond with CVD synthetic diamond overgrowth
CVD Layer Grown on Natural Diamond

A composite of synthetically grown and natural diamond was recently identified by the Carlsbad laboratory.

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552.7 ct Yellow Diamond from the Diavik Mine
The Largest Diamond Ever Discovered in North America

GIA examines a 552.7 ct diamond from the Diavik mine in Canada.

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Suite containing over 36 carats of Yogo sapphire
Gemological Characterization of Sapphires from Yogo Gulch, Montana

A look at the mining and distinguishing characteristics of this naturally vibrant blue sapphire.

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