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For decades, GIA has been on the cutting edge of gemological research, analyzing data on gems and their characteristics. This effort becomes more challenging each year, as new gem sources emerge and new treatment processes and synthetic materials come onto the market.

Recent Findings

Pearls, shells, and jewelry on table
The Lure of American Freshwater Pearls: Revisiting the Latendresse Family

John Latendresse is known as the father of American cultured pearls. He was also a great natural pearl collector and left his family a remarkable natural pearl collection. The Latendresse family is well recognized in the American pearl industry and has long supported GIA pearl research. Come with us to revisit this family and their pearl collection.

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CVD overgrowth on natural diamond
A Synthetic Diamond Overgrowth on a Natural Diamond

Analysis of a diamond graded Fancy blue revealed a CVD synthetic overgrowth on natural diamond.

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5.19 ct CVD synthetic diamond
CVD Synthetic Diamond Over 5 Carats Identified by GIA

Results from GIA’s recent testing of a 5.19 ct CVD synthetic diamond, the largest it has examined to date.

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