Recent Findings

Faceted blue zircons

Reversible Color Modification of Blue Zircon by Long-Wave Ultraviolet Radiation

Nathan D. Renfro , November 7, 2016

Determines whether blue zircon, inadvertently altered to brown by exposure to long-wave UV radiation, can be restored to its original color through the use of incandescent light.

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A 0.11 ct faceted grandidierite from Madagascar

A New Deposit of Gem-Quality Grandidierite in Madagascar

Delphine Bruyère, Claude Delor, Julien Raoul, Rufin Rakotondranaivo, Guillaume Wille, Nicolas Maubec, and Abdeltif Lahfid , November 7, 2016

Reviews the properties of exceptionally pure grandidierite from a new source.

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Aquamarine from San Luis Potosí State in northern Mexico

Aquamarine from a New Primary Deposit in Mexico

Mikhail Ostrooumov , November 7, 2016

Examination of aquamarine samples from a new primary deposit in San Luis Potosí, northern Mexico.

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Other Publications

Large, Rare Diamonds Reveal the Inner Workings of Earth’s Mantle

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Diamond and Related Materials Publication Cover

Fluid CH4 and H2 Trapped Around Metallic Inclusions in HPHT Synthetic Diamond

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Ongoing Research

Atypical “Beading” in the Production of Cultured Pearls from Australian Pinctada maxima

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Synthetic Ruby Overgrowth on Natural Corundum

Analysis of Synthetic Ruby Overgrowth on Corundum

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Faceted Cobalt-Diffused Spinel and Polished Plate Samples

GIA Lab Reports on a New Cobalt Diffusion Treatment of Natural Spinel

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Heat treatment of some pink sapphires

GIA Lab Reports on Low-Temperature Heat Treatment of Mozambique Ruby

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