Striving for Timeliness and Synergy
By Duncan Pay, Editor-in-Chief

The Fall 2013 issue introduces a new G&G article category—the field report—as well
as online features such as videos and slideshows.

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Agates from Morocco: Gemological Characteristics and Proposed Origin

Magdalena Dumanska-Słowik, Lucyna Natkaniec-Nowak, Aleksandra Wesełucha-Birczynska, Adam Gaweł, Marek Lankosz, and Paweł Wróbel
, Oct 22, 2013

A report on the chemical and mineralogical analysis of Moroccan agate samples’ solid inclusions.

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Three Occurrences of Oregon Sunstone

Duncan Pay, Robert Weldon, Shane McClure, and Kevin Schumacher, Oct 14, 2013

Chronicles a visit to the high desert of eastern Oregon to examine commercial sources of this natural copper-bearing feldspar.

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Useful Visual Clue Indicating Corundum Heat Treatment

John I. Koivula, Oct 19, 2013

A demonstration of the conversion of limonitic residues to hematite in surface-reaching.

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On the Origin of Digit Patterns in Gem Opal

Benjamin Rondeau, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Francesco Mazzero, Emmanuel Fritsch, Yves Bodeur, and Boris Chauviré

An examination of the finger-like feature mostly found in Ethiopian opal, and proposal for its formation.

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Regular Features

Lab notes
Lab Notes

The latest advances and findings from GIA laboratories.

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Gem News
Gem News International

Global coverage of gem sources, notable new gem materials, and recent industry developments.

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Book Review
Book Reviews

Your guide to the latest gem and jewelry books and other media.

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Gemological Abstracts

Summaries of important gem and jewelry articles recently published elsewhere.

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G&G Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the readers who earned a perfect score on this year's Challenge quiz.

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