Quality Assurance Benchmarks highlight workmanship of semi-finished and finished jewelry. Learn how to evaluate the quality of a platinum ruthenium band that was sized up by stretching.

Illustration of a platinum band featuring a decorative pattern

Band’s finished size is correct.

Band has an even, bright-white, high luster.

There are no tool marks or irregularities on any surface.

No narrow or distorted areas exist at the width or depth as a result of uneven stretching.

Band is free of cracks, stretch marks and other visible signs of stress.

Decorative pattern remains unchanged, with no distortion, separation, or other signs of damage.

Quality and manufacturing stamps and personal engraving inside the band are retained.

Potential Problems and Engineering Features

Learn the elements that make this ring a suitable candidate for sizing up by stretching.

The design on the band is solid, with no open areas.

It has consistent width.

There are no stones set into it.

It has consistent depth.

The band was made by a machining process that begins with extruded tubing. Rings with even dimensions, made from extruded tubing by machining are best suited for stretching.

How-to Video

Sizing Up a Platinum Ruthenium Band by Stretching


When NOT to Stretch a Platinum Band

Do not stretch bands containing stones. It can weaken the areas between or under stones and lead to stone loss.

This platinum band is set with baguette and round diamonds. Stretching will increase the spaces between the stones and distort the supporting walls. As a result, the diamonds will become loose in their channels, and may even fall out.

This platinum band also has openings below the diamonds on the inside of the band that will not hold their shapes if subjected to stretching. They will pull, tear, and possibly break.

This platinum band features flush set diamonds in its surface. Setting the diamonds required making drill holes and using burs to open them for stone setting. The random pattern and stone layout resulted in openings that do not allow the band to stretch uniformly. The narrower areas would pull away and break if subjected to stretching.

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