Quality Assurance Benchmarks highlight workmanship of semi-finished and finished jewelry. Learn how to evaluate the quality of a platinum cobalt ring with no diamonds in the shank that was sized down using a laser welder.

Side view illustration of platinum solitaire ring
Perspective view illustration of platinum solitaire ring

Potential Problems and Engineering Features

Always protect gemstones when working with a laser welder.

Jeweler wrapping a platinum solitaire using masking tape

How-to Video

Sizing Down a Platinum Cobalt Ring with no Diamonds Using a Laser Welder


Tool and Topic Related Info

Consumers often ask to have the removed piece returned to them. In this case, the removed piece has a weight of 0.3 pennyweights.

Close-up view showing a platinum band with a piece removed from the ring shank in preparation for sizing it down

Featured Quality Assurance Benchmarks

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