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GIA On Location

Jadeite Manufacturing, Trading in China

Join the GIA team as they uncover the intricate details of a gem that's also an integral part of China’s culture.
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Book Review

The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita and Beyond, 1950-1990

Bulgari’s distinctive style, decade by decade; the use of color stands out, but some gold and diamond jewels also dazzle.
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Research & News

New Nigerian Source of Blue Sapphire

The recent arrival of high-quality blue sapphire from a new source in Africa has caused considerable excitement in the Bangkok marketplace.
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Education News

Apply for a 2015 Scholarship

More than 100 scholarships available for a wide variety of
GIA education programs.
Deadline: Oct. 31.
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Research & News

Ekati + Diavik =
A Revived CanadaMark

Russ Shor, GIA's senior
industry analyst, looks at the merger-supported relaunch of marketing for CanadaMark branded diamonds.
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