The Beauty and Value of Inclusions, Plus Double Stars and Corundum from Tajikistan
By Duncan Pay, Editor-in-Chief

We invite gemologists to take a closer look at the astounding beauty and variety of the micro-world of gems.

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Digital Photomicrography for Gemologists

By Nathan Renfro , Jul 31

A guide to capturing gem inclusion scenes using practical equipment and techniques and the appropriate image-refining software.

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Rubies and Sapphires from Snezhnoe, Tajikistan

By Elena S. Sorokina, Andrey K. Litvinenko, Wolfgang Hofmeister, Tobias Häger, Dorrit E. Jacob, and Zamoniddin Z. Nasriddinov , Jul 31

This large marble-hosted occurrence in the Pamir Mountains is a potentially productive source of corundum, including ruby with a bright red color reminiscent of “pigeon’s blood” Burmese rubies.

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Gem News
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Global coverage of gem sources, notable new gem materials, and recent industry developments.

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An in-depth look at the hidden world of gem inclusions.

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Sri Lanka: Expedition to the Island of Jewels
Andrew Lucas, Armil Sammoon, A.P. Jayarajah, Tao Hsu, and Pedro Padua

Exploring the Chinese Gem and Jewelry Industry
Tao Hsu, Andrew Lucas, Zhili Qiu, Mu Li, and Qingyuan Yu

Three-Phase Inclusions in Emerald and Their Impact on Origin Determination
Sudarat Saeseaw, Vincent Pardieu, and Supharart Sangsawong

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