Ethics and Compliance

It is important to GIA and central to its mission to uphold the highest standards of integrity.

For this reason we are providing the third party support described below for use by GIA’s clients, students, employees, and vendors.

The GIA Ethics Helpline

GIA has retained an independent firm called EthicsPoint—a leading provider of services to support compliance, workplace ethics, and corporate governance—to enable our clients, students, employees, and vendors to anonymously and openly communicate with GIA’s management and Board. Via a toll-free helpline or the Internet, individuals can report cases of actual or even potential misconduct anonymously and confidentially. The multilingual website, and domestic and international toll-free helplines, also with multilingual support, are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to preserve the highest level of anonymity, we recommend that you use non-GIA equipment (phone or computer) to submit your report.

3 ways to file a report

Toll-Free Phone: Call 866-295-2625 (U.S. and Canada) to file a report. If you are calling to submit a report from outside of the U.S. and Canada, please ask your local operator to place a collect call to the following U.S. phone number: 503-748-0577. Multilingual support is available.

Public Internet: From any computer having Internet access (home, public library, neighbor, etc.), go to ( and click on “File a Report.” Again, multilingual support is available.

GIA Company Network:  Click on ( to be automatically linked to the EthicsPoint site. Click on “File a Report.” Please note: although GIA provides the link to EthicsPoint for convenience, please be mindful that this will not ensure the same complete anonymity afforded by using non-GIA equipment. Therefore, if complete anonymity is required, we suggest that you use non-company equipment to contact EthicsPoint.

As you complete your report, you will be asked to provide information concerning who was involved, what occurred, where, and when the incident(s) took place. You will find that the call center operators are friendly and ready to take down the information at a pace that is comfortable for you. Rest assured that the process is confidential and anonymous. Write down the password and identification code provided by EthicsPoint for the purpose of follow-up.

Follow-up on your report

Reconnect with the EthicsPoint system to see if GIA has any follow-up questions or requests, using any of the above 3 channels of communication

Click on or ask to perform a follow-up. Provide your password and identification code. Elect to review report details, respond to questions, and add information. You may return regularly to do so.

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