Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Winter 2003, Volume 39, No. 4

Winter 2003 Gem News International

            A Comparison of Three Historic Blue Diamonds
            A Natural Yellow Diamond with Nickel-Related Optical Centers
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Gem-Quality Afghanite
            Blue Beryl Discovery in Canada
            Gem-Quality Corundum from Colombia: Localities and Inclusions
            Emeralds from Madagascar with Strong Blue/Green Dichroism
            Peruvian Blue Opal
            Some Interesting Pearls from the North American West Coast
            “Platinum Quartz”
            Some Rare Faceted Gem Materials
            Large Scapolite from Tanzania
            Update on Tanzanite Mining by AFGEM
Synthetics and Simulants
            Chatoyant Glass Cabochons from China
            New Synthetic Opal Varieties
            Plastic Imitations of a Walrus Tusk and a Sperm Whale Tooth
Conference Reports
            Antwerp Diamond Conference
            Rapaport International Diamond Conference
            2004 AGTA Cutting Edge Award Winners
            Professional Jeweler’s Stone of the Year
            Afghanistan/Pakistan Gem Tour
            PDAC 2004
            ICNDST-9 in Tokyo
            BASELWORLD 2004
            GAC-MAC Joint Annual Meeting
            GAA Conference
            Santa Fe Symposium
            20th Colloquium of African Geology
            GEORAMAN 2004
            Geoscience Africa 2004
            International Geological Congress
            Gems of Pacific Continental Margins
            Diamond 2004
            ICAM 2004 in Brazil
            Turquoise at the San Diego Museum of Man
            Jade at the Field Museum
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