Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Winter 1997, Volume 33, No. 4

Winter 1997 Gem News International

            Cathodoluminescence of Yellow Diamonds
            Diamond Inclusions in Corundum
            The Diamond Pipeline into the Third Millennium
            Mineral Inclusions in Large Yakutian Diamond Crystals
            The Morphology of Natural Gem Diamond
Colored Stones and Inorganic Material
            Identification of Amber by Laser Raman Microspectroscopy
            New Zealand ‘Kauri Gum’
            Inclusion-Related Fluorescence Zoning in Amber
            New Chrysoberyl Deposits in India
            Gem Corundum from Australia and Southeast Asia
            Bactrian Emeralds
            Emerald Origin
            Origin of Ancient Roman Emeralds
            Blue Quartz from Madagascar
            Ornamental Stones and other Gems from Bolivia
            Cultured Pearls from Indonesia
            Sapphires from Northern Madagascar
            Tunduru-Songea Gem Fields in Southern Tanzania
Synthetics and Simulants
            Imitation Pearls: So-Called “I Pearls” from Japan
            Growth-Induced Imperfections and Inhomogeneities in Single Crystals
            Surface Features and Growth Conditions of Quartz Crystals
            Reversible Twinning in an Unusual Synthetic Material
            Heat Treatment of Garnets
            Titanium and Chromium Diffusion-Induced Star Sapphires
            New Hall Opens at the Smithsonian Institution
            Diamonds at the American Museum of Natural History
            New Exhibits at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History
            Gems & Gemology Wins ASAE Award – Again!
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