Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1997, Volume 33, No. 2

Summer 1997 Gem News International

            Conference on Diamond Technology
            A “Piggyback” Diamond Assemblage
            Synthetic Diamond Thin Film Jewelry
Colored Stones and Organic Material
            Color-Zoned Amethyst from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
            Blue- and Multicolor-Sheen Moonstone Feldspar from India
            “Watermelon” Sunstone Feldspar Carving
            Musgravite: A Rarity among the Rare
            Faceted Cultured Pearls
            Inclusions in Quartz as Design Elements
            A New Emerald Filler
Synthetics and Simulants
            Update on Vanadium-Bearing Synthetic Chrysoberyl
            “Cat’s-Eye” Synthetic Emerald
            Emerald Rough: Buyer Beware!
            An Especially Misleading Quench-Crackled Synthetic Ruby
            New Information on Flux-Grown Red Spinel from Russia
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