Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 1997, Volume 33, No. 1

Spring 1997 Gem News International

            "Opalescent" and other Unusual Diamonds
            Diamond "Pearls"
Colored Stones
            Andradite from Arizona
            Carved Aquamarine with Natural Crystal Faces
            Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyl
            Unusual Trapiche Emerald
            The Return of Jet
            "Bicolor" Labradorite
            "Rainbow" Obsidian Hearts
            Botryoidal White Opal from Milford, Utah
            Petrified Palm Wood as an Ornamental Material
            Drusy Iridescent Pyrite from Russia
            "Wasp-Tail" Citrine/Smoky Quartz
            Quartz with "Rainbow" Hematite Inclusions
            And with Pyrite Inclusions
            Orange Sapphire and other Gems from the Tundura Region
            Tanzanite in Abundance: Gem Carvings and "Enhydro" Crystal Section
            Tourmaline from the Neu Schwaben Region, Namibia: a Major New Player
            Gold-Electroplated Jade and Silver Ore
Synthetics and Simulants
            Assembled Stones Using Inset Gem Material
            Red and Purple Hydrothermal Synthetic Beryl
            Dichroic Glass as an Opal Imitation
            Aventurescent Synthetic Quartz
            Synthetic Opal in Glass
            Gems & Gemology Wins Three Out of Five
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