Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 1993, Volume 29, No. 1

Spring 1993 Gem News International

            Show Update
            Star-Cut Diamonds
Colored Stones
            Exceptional Iris Agates
            Baltic Amber
            Amethyst from Uruguay...
            . . . and Amethyst-Citrine from Bolivia
            Apatite from Brazil and Madagascar
            Uncommon Cat's-Eye Gems
            Gems with Natural Crystal Surfaces
            Beryls from the Ukraine
            Miscellaneous Notes on Emeralds
            Extraterrestrial Gem Materials
            Some Unusually Large Gems
            Jadeite from the Russian Federation
            Lapidary Art
            Opal from Canada
            Cultured Pearls from Tahiti, Australia, and China
            Natural Freshwater Pearls from Quebec
            "Peeling" Pearls
            Peridot from Ethiopia
            Red Quartz from Mexico
            Miscellaneous Fashioned Curiosities
            Transparent Rhodochrosite from Colorado
            Update on Rubies
            Miscellaneous Notes on Sapphires
            Spessartine Garnet from Africa
            Tourmaline from Paraiba, Brazil
            Parti-Colored Zoisites
            Apparatus for Fracture Filling Gems
Synthetics and Simulants
            Reconstructed Amber
            More "Pulled" Synthetic Materials Available
            Miscellaneous Emerald Simulants
            1993 Burma Emporium
            G&G Wins Top Honor as Best Professional Journal
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