Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Fall 1993, Volume 29, No. 3

Fall 1993 Gem News International

            Argyle Production Update
            Central African Republic Has Strong Reliance on Diamonds
            CSO Names First Chinese Sightholder
            Indian Polished Exports Increase
            Russian Production High But Declining
            United States Sells Diamonds from Stockpile
            Zaire Faces Severe Mining Problems
Synthetic Diamonds
            Chatham Proposes Production, Distribution of Russian Synthetic Diamonds
            GIA Says Standard Tests Can ID Russian Gem-Quality Synthetic Diamonds
            Sumitomo Electric Synthesizes High-Purity Diamonds       
Colored Stones
            Significant Amethyst Find in Maine
            Chalcedony Colored by Large Mineral Inclusions
            Massive Green Grossular Garnet from South Africa
            "Rainbow" Hematite from Brazil
            "Denim" Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan
            Reddish Purple Mica from New Mexico
            Nepal Update
            Peridot from Vietnam
            Brazilian Paragonite Mistaken for Ruby
            Unusual Double Star Sapphire
            Black Spinel from Mexico
            Spinel from Vietnam
            World Diamond Congress Addresses Treatments
            Update on Ruby Enhancement
Synthetics and Simulants
            Glass Imitating Vietnamese Ruby
            Dyed Magnesite Misrepresented as "Howlite Lapis''
            Unusual Synthetic Blue Quartz
            Imitation Gems from Zaire
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