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Man sits at his desk with a display stand of multiple pieces of jewelry in front of him.
Alum’s Lifelong Quest: Searching for Jewellery Unicorns

Alan Nacht continues a family legacy - Bernard Nacht & Co. – and his quest for unforgettable jewellery.

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Scene of a retail street.
Chow Tai Fook Expands Blockchain Initiative with GIA

Chow Tai Fook and GIA offer secure digital blockchain reports that document the diamond journey and grading information in one place.

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People meet and mingle at the entrance to the JCK Show.
Headwinds Slow 2019 Vegas Business, Lab-grown Diamonds Proliferate

Decent demand for finished jewellery, but less for loose gems. Plus: Lab-grown diamonds and responsible, sustainable business practices.

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Six people sit on chairs on a stage in front of an audience.
GIA JCK 2019 Panel: Consumers Care Where Their Jewellery Comes From

Consumers want to know that gemstones, diamonds and precious metals are responsibly sourced.

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CVD, HPHT and Natural Diamonds
Is There a Difference Between Natural and Laboratory-Grown Diamonds?

Learn about the differences – and similarities – between natural and laboratory-grown diamonds, and how GIA’s researchers and grading laboratories can tell the difference

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Rough diamond, yellow in colour
Diamond Research Gives Clues to the Formation of the Continents

Mineral inclusions reveal continents’ construction – and help researchers date diamonds.

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