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Rough diamond, yellow in colour
Diamond Research Gives Clues to the Formation of the Continents

Mineral inclusions reveal continents’ construction – and help researchers date diamonds.

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A model holds a large cut-corner square diamond with three fingers.
De Beers Ups Supply; US Federal Trade Commission Warns About ‘Eco’ Claims

DeBeers responds to fluctuations, and the US Federal Trade Commission issues warnings on laboratory-grown diamonds. Plus: 302.37 ct Graff Lesedi La Rona is revealed.

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A group of rough sapphires encircle cut sapphires.
Montana Yogo Sapphires’ Unique Gemmology

A look at the mining and distinguishing characteristics of this naturally vibrant blue sapphire.

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A young boy looks through a microscope.
St Jude Children Tour Inside Gems’ Magical World

Young patients at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital explore the inner world of gems and minerals.

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Cushion cut synthetic diamond
Laboratory-Grown Diamonds: Demand Rises, Prices Fall

Lab-grown diamonds continue to dominate industry news. Plus: Natural Diamonds and the Kimberley Process

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Detail of pendant elements heart and palmette shows twisted wire details (probably cast) and granulation soldered on.
A New Life for Revival Jewellery Styles: Archaeological, Renaissance and Egyptian

Revival jewellery is inspired by the past – and connects us to the rich history of our civilisation.

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