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Man stands in front a GIA banner that features gemstones.
The ABCs of Pearls Reveal Fascinating Aspects of Gems from the Deep

Talk presents little known and fascinating facts about pearls.

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The Real Gemmology of Ethiopian Opals in ‘Uncut Gems’

This article takes a look at the rough opal that plays a major role in the Adam Sandler film “Uncut Gems”.

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A piece of diamond rough with green body color and triangular etchings on the surface.
GIA Researchers Reveal the Secrets of Diamond-in-a-Diamond Mystery

Researchers examined one of the most interesting and unique diamond crystals ever found.

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Two people walk past a Kay Jewelers storefront.
Jewellery Sales Show Modest Rise; Higher End Soars

US Christmas sales increased slightly from 2018. Online buying surged, foot traffic in retail slowed.

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Three light-to-medium blue carved sculptures sit in a line – from larger to smaller.
Making the Cut: The Art and Science of Fantasy Carving

Gem cutters - whether “gem whisperers” or mathematicians - create breathtaking jewellery art.

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Patrick O’Shea stands in front of a staircase at the Javits Center in New York City.
The Curious Life of Patrick O’Shea: From Ballistics Detective to Gemmologist and Jewellery Designer

A life’s journey down many paths of self-discovery and interest all lead to becoming a jewellery designer.

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