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Cartier Dazzling Book Cover

Book Review: Cartier Dazzling: High Jewelry and Precious Objects

Jo Ellen Cole, January 9, 2017

Review of Cartier Dazzling: High Jewelry and Precious Objects by François Chaille.

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Skyline of downton Ramat Gan

GIA Education Attracts Diverse Students to Hub of Israeli Diamond Industry

Kristin Mahan, December 23, 2016 Topics: Gemology

In mid-November of 2016, GIA instructor Ric Taylor travelled to the Ramat Gan offices of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association Ltd (IDMA) to teach the Institute’s five-day Diamond Grading Lab class. The class brought together a diverse group of Israeli and international students with a range of experience from performing appraisals to buying and selling rough diamonds.

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Hands holding sapphire

Gem Fossicking: Recreational Mining in Australia

Tao Hsu, Andrew Lucas and Vincent Pardieu, December 16, 2016 Topics: Gemology, Mining, Trade, Travel

Fossicking is a special type of mining activity that Australians love. Australia is a large country rich in many types of gem resources. Come to Australia with the GIA field gemmology team to feel the passion of gem fossicking in the southern hemisphere.

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Large, Rare Diamonds Reveal the Inner Workings of Earth’s Mantle

GIA, December 16, 2016 Topics: Other Research Publications

This is an extended abstract of the article ‘Large Gem Diamonds From Metallic Liquid in Earth’s Deep Mantle,’ published on 16 December 2016 in Science magazine. GIA Postdoctoral Research Fellow Evan Smith is the lead author of the article.

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Real or Fake? Moldavites Book Cover

Book Review: Real or Fake? Moldavites

Guy Lalous, December 12, 2016

Review of Real or Fake? Moldavites by František Funda.

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Is Another 1,000 (or 3,000) Carat Diamond Around the Corner?

Russell Shor, December 12, 2016 Topics: Carat Weight, Faceting, Mining, Pricing, Trade

Find out why the number of very large diamonds entering the market has increased sharply in the last few years.

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Tips From the Bench
Modify Your Prong Pushers to Make Them More Versatile

Compiled by GIA’s Jewellery Manufacturing Arts Instructors

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