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Cushion cut synthetic diamond
Laboratory-Grown Diamonds: Demand Rises, Prices Fall

Lab-grown diamonds continue to dominate industry news. Plus: Natural Diamonds and the Kimberley Process

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Woman holds multiple strands of black cultured pearls.
‘Pearl Goddess’ Pours Experience and Support into GIA Alumni Association

Betty Sue King, founder of King’s Ransom, is a long-standing supporter of the GIA Alumni Association.

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Man sits next to microscope.
Tucson Visit Spurs Geology Professor and Publisher to Head Back to School

Alum writes about gem materials for visitors to, his Earth Science website.

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A pile of near-colorless HPHT synthetic melee
Diamond Market Forecast: Declining Credit, Soft Prices and Lab-Grown Diamonds

Despite a generally strong year for retail, the diamond industry continues to face problems.

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A bow brooch with long ribbon tendrils.
Bows in Jewellery: The Finishing Touch in Giving

Bows have been a popular motif and finishing touch in jewellery and fashion from time immemorial, recurring and adapting to reflect the style of the era.

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Winter 2018 G&G: The Colour Origins of Pink-to-Red Diamonds and Gem-Grade Diaspore, The Mystery and Majesty of the Amber Room, and Gemmological Characteristics of P. Maculata “Pipi” Pearls

A summary of the Winter 2018 issue of Gems & Gemology.

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