Lab Notes Gems & Gemology, Volume 46, No. 4

Winter 2010 G&G Lab Notes

Lab Sees Increasing Number of Large HPHT-Treated Type IIa Diamonds
One Dapper Diamond
Pale Pink Diamonds, Coated Fancy Pink
Intense Purplish Pink HPHT-Grown/Treated Synthetic Diamond
Large (4+ ct) Yellow-Orange HPHT-Grown Synthetic Diamond
Silicon-Vacancy Defect Found in Blue HPHT-Grown Synthetic Diamond
Three Melee-Size Synthetic Diamonds
Artificial Metallic Veining in Manufactured Gem Materials
A Rare Natural Green Pearl
Rock Containing Richterite and Sugilite
Lead Glass-Filled Ruby Damaged During Jewelry Repair
Natural Sapphire with a Sapphire Inclusion
Synthetic Spinel and Synthetic Ruby Doublet
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