Gems & Gemology, Winter 2009, Volume 45, No. 4

Demantoid from Val Malenco, Italy: Review and Update

Peer Reviewed Article
Ilaria Adamo, Rosangela Bocchio, Valeria Diella, Alessandro Pavese, Pietro Vignola, Loredana Prosperi, and Valentina Palanza
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Demantoid from Val Malenco, Italy: Review and Update
New data are presented for demantoid from Val Malenco, Italy, as obtained by classical gemological methods, electron microprobe and LA-ICP-MS chemical analyses, and UV-Vis-NIR and mid-IR spectroscopy. The results confirmed that these garnets are almost pure andradite (≥98 mol%, RI>1.81, SG = 3.81–3.88). All 18 samples studied contained “horsetail” inclusions, which are characteristic of a serpentinite geologic origin. Fe and Cr control the coloration of demantoid, though color variations in these samples were mainly correlated to Cr content.

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