Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Winter 2006, Volume 42, No. 4

Winter 2006 Gem News International

            Update on Diamond Trading in Sierra Leone
            Jewelry Repair Damages a Diamond
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Green Augelite from Peru
            Bicolored Beryl from the Erongo Mountains, Namibia
            Diopside from Afghanistan
            California Jadeite with Copper Inclusions
            Labradorite from Chihuahua, Mexico
            Gem News from Mogok, Myanmar
            Moonstone from Madagascar
            A Large Phenomenal Fire Opal with Possible Uranium-Related Luminescence
            “Sunset” Quartz: A New Gem Material from Brazil
            Swedish Blue (Slag) and Swedish Iron Ore
            Tourmaline Mining at Nandihizana, Madagascar
            Green Uvite from Afghanistan
Synthetics and Simulants
            Synthetic Corundum “Gem Rough” in Tanzania
            Small Treated Synthetic Pink Diamonds Set in a Ring
            Update on “Chocolate” Tahitian Cultured Pearls
            Treated Violetish Blue to Violet Quartz from Brazil
            Circular Ring-Like Inclusions in a Diffusion-Treated Sapphire
            Diffusion-Treated Synthetic Sapphire with Unusual Fluorescence
Conference Reports
            32nd Annual GSJ Gemological Conference
            International Mineralogical Association Biennial Meeting
            G&G Online Conference Calendar
            GIA’s Russell Shor Wins Liddicoat Journalism Award for Gems & Gemology Article
            Visit Gems & Gemology in Tucson
            Colored Diamonds at the Natural History Museum
            Jewelry History at the Newark Museum
            Symbols of Identity—Jewelry of Five Continents
            Gold at AMNH
            Jewelry of Ben Nighthorse
            South Sea Pearls at the GIA Museum
            French Jewelry at the Legion of Honor
            Native American Jewelry
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