Gems & Gemology, Winter 2005, Volume 41, No. 4

A Gemological Pioneer: Dr. Edward J. Gübelin

Peer Reviewed Article
Robert E. Kane, Edward W. Boehm, Stuart D. Overlin, Dona M. Dirlam, and John I. Koivula, Christopher P. Smith

During a career that spanned more than 65 years, the eminent Swiss gemologist Dr. Edward J. Gübelin (1913–2005) built a monumental legacy. He is perhaps best known for his pioneering work on gemstone inclusions. He established the first systematic classification of inclusions in natural gem minerals, and his research demonstrated the importance of these internal features in determining a gem’s identity as well as its country of origin. He wrote extensively on nearly all aspects of gemology, eloquently recording his observations in 13 major books and more than 250 articles. A widely traveled explorer, Dr. Gübelin also reported on some of the world’s most important gem localities. In addition, he was an innovator in gem-testing instruments, an influential educator, a major gem collector, and one of gemology’s most ardent and respected global ambassadors.


Chronological Bibliography of Articles by Edward J. Gübelin
Submitted by Robert E. Kane
January 18, 2006

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