Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Winter 2005, Volume 41, No. 4

Winter 2005 Gem News International

Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Ornamental Blueschist from Northern Italy
            Emerald Phantom Crystal
            Unusual Trapiche Emerald Earrings
            A Large Greenish Yellow Grossular from Africa
            An Opal Triplet Resembling an Eye
            Green Orthoclase Feldspar from Vietnam
            New Discoveries of Painite in Myanmar (Burma)
            Gem Plagioclase Reportedly from Tibet
            Spinel from Southern China
            Update on Tourmaline from Mt. Mica, Maine
Synthetics and Simulants
            Lizard in Amber?
            Cubic Zirconia as Rough Sapphire Imitation
            Barium-Rich Glass Sold as Diamond Rough
            “Color-Change” Glass Update
Conference Reports
            Diamond 2005
            Geological Society of America 2005
            World Diamond Conference, Perth, Australia
            Pearl Exhibit in Tokyo
            Cameos at the Met
            King Tut Returns
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