Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Winter 2002, Volume 38, No. 4

Winter 2002 Gem News International

            Kimberley Process Ratified
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Alexandrite from Mananjary, Madagascar
            Color-Change Apatite from Kazakhstan
            New Emerald Find from the Chivor Region, Colombia
            Important Discovery of Jadeite in Guatemala
            Faceted Milarite with Unusual Inclusions
            Spinel Crystal with an Unusual Shape
            More Tourmaline from Warner Springs, California
            Faceted Rossmanite and other Tourmalines from Nigeria
            Uvite Tourmaline from Afghanistan
Synthetics and Simulants                       
            An Assembled Agate “Nodule”
            A Glowing Manufactured Gem
            “Rainbow Calsilica”
            Heat Treatment Experiments on Faceted Amber
            An Update on Be-Diffused Corundum
            Orange Topaz with Synthetic Hematite Coating
Conference Reports
            Diamond Presentations at the Annual Australian Diamond Conference
            Antwerp Diamond Conference
            Antwerp Gem Conference
            Beryllium: A Known Carcinogen
            PDAC 2003 Will Take Place in Toronto in March
            Basel 2003 Scheduled for April
            Moscow Gemology Colloquium Takes Place in Moscow in April
            Gems and Industrial Minerals Conference Will Occur in Reno in May
            GAC-MAC-SEG Meeting Set for Vancouver in May
            Maine Pegmatite Workshop Included in Field Studies
            Kimberlite Conference Planned in Victoria in June
In Memoriam
            Prof. Dr. Pieter C. Zwaan, 1928–2002, Gems & Gemology author and noted gemologist
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