Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Winter 1994, Volume 30, No. 4

Winter 1994 Gem News International

            Native Appalachian Diamonds
            Diamond Developments in Tanzania
            Other African Diamond Mining Ventures
            Canadian Diamond Rush Bruised but Still Alive
            Diamonds Found in Finland
Colored Stones
            Amethyst from Namibia
            Chatoyant Demantoid Garnet
            Color-Change Diaspore from Turkey
            Feldspar with Ruby Inclusions
            Gems from North Carolina
            More on Peridot from Pakistan
            Sapphire from Scotland
            Update on Montana Sapphires
            "Teal" Blue Cobalt-Colored Spinel
            Update on Sri Lanka
            "Zebra Stone" from Arizona
Synthetics and Simulants
            "Minkovite" from Russia
            Visit to Russian Synthetics Facility VNIISIMS...
            Additional Visits to Two Centers in Chernogolovka
            Miscellaneous Synthetics and Simulants
            Visit Gems & Gemology at the Basel show
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