Lab Notes Gems & Gemology, Winter 1993, Volume 29, No. 4

Winter 1993 G&G Lab Notes

Cubic Zirconia Carved to Imitate an Ancient Buddha
Cyclotron-Treated Diamond
Fancy-Color Diamond with Unusual Radiation Stains
Unusual "Melted" Cavity in a Diamond
Faceted Yellow Synthetic Diamond
Emerald with Large Filled Etch Channels
Fracture Filled Garnets
Iridescent Orthoamphibole, "Nuummite"
Orthopyroxene, a Carved Mask
Some Pearl Observations
Synthetic Ruby: Striae Resolution Technique
Sapphire: A Difficult Identification
Diffusion Treatment in Sapphire Obscured by Mounting
Yag with Unusual Inclusions
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