Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Winter 1992, Volume 28, No. 4

Winter 1992 Gem News International

            Indicators of Additional Diamond Pipes in Australia
            "Presidential" Diamond Cavity
            An Update on Diamond Research
            More Exploration in Tanzania
            Zimbabwe Diamond Find
Colored Stones
            Agate and Amethyst from Uruguay
            Amber from the Dominican Republic and the Baltic Region
            Unusual Aragonite
            Color-Change Burbankite-Related Mineral from Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec
            Dumortierite-in-Quartz Beads
            Feldspar-and-Amphibole Gem from Egypt
            Update on Golden Cultured Pearls
            Sri Lanka: Current Mining in Elahera
            Sri Lanka: Update on Gem Production
            Large Taaffeite
            New Joint Venture in Vietnam
            Update on Vietnam Gems
            Green Zoisite from Pakistan
            Filled Diamonds Marketed Under New Name
            Fracture Filling of Rough Diamonds Reported
            More on Irradiated "Black" Diamonds
            Interesting Treated Ornamental Sandstone
Synthetics and Simulants
            Update on Crystal Growth
            Attractive "Gem Construct"
            Extremely Small Synthetic Melee
            Synthetics Preset in Findings by "Automation"
            Large Hydrothermal Synthetic Ruby
            Assembled Imitation Watermelon Tourmaline
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