Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 2008, Volume 44, No. 2

Summer 2008 Gem News International

            Bird-like Inclusion in Diamond
            A Colorless Diamond Showing Strong Phosphorescence
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Almandine-Spessartine from Lindi, Tanzania
            “Red Andesine” from China: Possible Indication of Diffusion Treatment
            Orange Beryl from India
            Chromium-Rich Clinochlore (Kämmererite) from Turkey
            Yellow Danburite from Tanzania
            Lawsonite from Marin County, California
            Green Mica (Paragonite) from Pakistan
            An Interesting Opal
            Engraved Black Cultured Pearls
            Pinctada Maxima Cultured Pearls Grown Beadless in the Mantle
            Twinned Cultured Pearl
            Interplanetary Cat’s-Eye Peridot
            New Rubies from Central Tanzania
            Ruby and Sapphire Mining at Winza, Tanzania
            A Sapphire with En Echelon Inclusions
            Serpentinite Artifact Resembling Libyan Desert Glass
            Star and Cat’s-Eye Topaz from Brazil
            A New Source of Persian Turquoise: Kerman, Iran
            A Rare Faceted Yellow Vanadinite
Synthetics and Simulants
            Experimental CVD Synthetic Diamonds from LIMHP
            Unusual Glass Imitation of Rubellite
            Tourmalines and Their Imitations Obtained in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Conference Reports
            Sinkankas Garnet Symposium
            2008 Scottish Gemmological Association Conference
            CIBJO Introduces Precious Metals Blue Book
            Exhibits at the GIA Museum
In Memoriam
            George S. Switzer (1915–2008), distinguished mineralogist
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