Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1995, Volume 31, No. 2

Summer 1995 Gem News International

            More Firms Processing Fracture-Filled Diamonds
            Synthetic Diamonds Misrepresented as Canadian Rough
Colored Stones
            Large Aquamarines from Nigeria
            Clinochlore and Other Rare Collector Stones from the Former Soviet Union
            Other Unusual Gems Seen at Tucson
            Phenomenal Feldspars from India
            Parti-Colored Fluorite from Brazil
            Unusual Opal Carvings
            Update on Opal from Ethiopia
            Sapphires from Madagascar
            Sapphires and Other Gems from Tanzania
            Spessartine Garnet from Namibia
Synthetics and Simulants
            Amber Simulant: Natural Resin in Plastic
            Update on "Recrystallized" Corundum
            Laser-Inscribed Synthetic Colored Stones
            Partially Devitrified Glass Imitation of Jadeite
            Iridescent Hematite Simulant
            Kyocera Plastic-Impregnated Synthetic Opals
            Platinum Alloy as an Ornamental Material
            New Gemological Spectrometer at Tucson
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