Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1992, Volume 28, No. 2

Summer 1992 Gem News International

            Claim-Staking Rush in Canada
            International Diamond Technical Symposium in Israel
            Prospecting Reveals Kimberlite Pipes in Ukraine
            Small Industrials in Uzbekistan
            DeBeers and the Republic of Sakha Sign Sales Agreement
            Visit to a Small Diamond-Mining Operation in South Africa
            DeBeers Signs Prospecting Agreement with Tanzania
            Zaire Produced Fewer Diamonds
            Zaire Tightens Trade Regulations
Colored Stones
            Exotic "Jewel" Beetles
            Cat's-Eye Golden Beryl
            Garnets from Egypt
            Large Jadeite Boulder
            Gemstones from Laos
            Attractive Meteorite Jewelry
            Black Mabe "Pearls" and Simulants (from Nautilus Shell)
            Rare Gemstones from Quebec
            Tajikistan to Develop Gem Resources
            Acrylic Coating of Gem Materials
            Dyed Massive Beryl and Quartz Resembling Ornamental Gems
            Beryl Beads with Multiple Color Enhancements
            Treatable "Concrete" Opal
            Silver-Nitrate-Treated Matrix Opal
            Modern-Day Turquoise Oiling
Synthetics and Simulants
            Assembled Imitation Emerald Crystal
            Update on Nontransparent CZ
            Bicolored CZ
            Blue Spinel from Vietnam as Sapphire Imitator
            Glass Imitation Tourmaline Crystal
            More Synthetics Sold as Natural Rubies from Vietnam
            Experimental Synthetic Sodalite from China
            Low-Cost Quartz Wedge Simulator
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