Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1990, Volume 26, No. 2

Summer 1990 Gem News International

            Scientists Research Material as Hard as Diamond
            Malaysia Diamond Plant
            Botswana Beats Target
            Soviet-Singapore Joint Venture
            New Area in Angola to be Mined
            Argyle Cutting School Near Beijing
            Kimberlite Find in the U.S.
            Diamond-Cutting Industry in Sri Lanka
            Tanzania Intensifies Mineral Search
            Prospecting in Botswana
Colored Stones
            Assembled "Plume" Agate
            Apatite "From Paraiba" and Apatite Purchased as Emerald
            Brazilian Chrysoprase
            Major Jade Deposits in Japan
            Attractive Chatoyant Assembled Opal
            Peridot Mining Update
            California Quartz Update
            Unusual Pseudomorph
            Rubies from Vietnam?
            Rock-like Material with Play-of-Color
            Cat's-Eye Topaz
            The Discovery of the Paraiba Tourmaline Mine
            Tourmaline Doublets
            "Treasure" Postage Stamp
Synthetics and Simulants
            Plastic Cameo Imitations
            Imitation Emeralds from Southern Africa
            Imitation Rhodochrosite Beads
            Tiffany & Co. Donation to Smithsonian
            Donation of Citrine to Natural History Museum
            GemFire Exhibit at Cleveland Museum
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