Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 2022, Vol. 58, No. 1

Spectacular Yellow Sapphire from Sri Lanka

160 ct yellow sapphire rough from Sri Lanka.
Figure 1. This 160 ct yellow sapphire rough was found in a deposit outside of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Photo courtesy of Kreis Jewellery GmbH.

A return to the Tucson shows meant the opportunity to see the latest findings and designs from the Kreis family—stunning yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka. As G&G has reported in previous Tucson reports from 2014, 2015, and 2017, father Stefan buys the rough, mother Sonja designs the jewelry, and Alexander cuts the gems for the family business (Kreis Jewellery GmbH, Niederworresbach, Germany). Locating the sapphire rough in Sri Lanka required a combination of planning and luck, relying on the family’s previously established network while also acting on rumors of possible sources. Two successful trips in 2020 and 2021 yielded five exceptionally large rough stones from five different deposits in the area surrounding Ratnapura, Sri Lanka (figure 1).

Back in Germany, Alexander cut the five rough stones, and Sonja designed an exquisite bracelet (figures 2 and 3) to complete a suite of jewelry for a private collector. (Her previously designed pieces included a pendant, brooch, ring, necklace, and earrings.) The family aimed to create a harmony between the gems and the materials used, concentrating on gold colors that would not overshadow the sapphires. Alexander opted for a traditional cut for the outer shape but faceted the back to allow for more cross-reflection, mimicking this faceting in the diamonds that appear on the side of the bracelet. The creative combination of faceting and design perfectly captures the sunlight, creating magnificent reflections for the admirer. With an impressive total weight of 168.27 carats (containing 50.33, 32.80, 33.70, 23.98, and 27.46 ct sapphires), the bracelet is truly a breathtaking sight.

Two faceted yellow sapphires are set in a bracelet.
Figure 2. The yellow sapphires faceted by Alexander Kreis were set in a bracelet designed by Sonia Kreis. Photo courtesy of Kreis Jewellery GmbH.
168.27 carats of yellow sapphire faceted by Alexander Kreis are featured in a bracelet designed by Sonia Kreis.
Figure 3. The stunning finished bracelet features five yellow sapphires from Sri Lanka with a total weight of 168.27 carats. Photo courtesy of Kreis Jewellery GmbH.

Erica Zaidman is the editorial coordinator for Gems & Gemology at GIA in Carlsbad, California.