Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Volume 47, No. 1

Spring 2011 Gem News International

2011 Tucson
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Faceted Cavansite
            New Find of Green Grossular at Merelani, Tanzania
            Blue Quartz Colored by Trolleite and Lazulite Inclusions
            Spectral Interference in Quartz from India
            Scapolite from India
            Spinel from Northern Vietnam, Including a New Mine at Lang Chap
            Gem Zektzerite
Synthetics and Simulants
            “Coral Sea” Agate
            Dendritic Agate in Doublets, Inlays, and Jewelry
GNI Regular Features
            Artisanal Diamond Mining in Liberia
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Update on Emerald Mining at Kagem, Zambia
            Pargasite from Tanzania
            Scapolite from Afghanistan
            Tourmaline Finds at Mt. Marie, Paris, Maine
            The Origin of Color in Tourmaline from Mt. Marie, Maine
Synthetics and Simulants
            Trapiche Emerald Imitation
            A New Rough Nephrite Imitation
            A Skillfully Crafted Non-Nacreous Pearl Imitation
            Plastic-Coated Quartz, Imitating Emerald
            Lead Glass-Filled Trapiche Ruby
            Myanmar Gem Emporium
In Memoriam
            Kurt Nassau (1927-2010), scientist, contributor, and review board member for G&G
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Electron Microprobe Analyses of Inclusions 
May 2, 2011