Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 1992, Volume 28, No. 1

Spring 1992 Gem News International

            Colored Diamonds
Colored Stones
            Unusual Fire Agate
            Fine Amazonite from Brazil
            Baltic Amber More Plentiful
            Faceted Apatites from Madagascar
            African Aquamarine
            Axinite from Russia
            Beryl from Russia
            Chrysocolla-Colored Chalcedony from Mexico
            Commercial "Fantasy" Cuts
            Cat's-Eye Emerald
            Moldavite Plentiful
            Eire Opal from Mexico
            Update on Peridot
            Pietersite from Namibia
            Rubies and Sapphires from Vietnam
            New Ruby Deposit in Namibia
            Australian Ruby
            Rubies and Pink Sapphires from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
            Ruby in Zoisite
            Chinese Blue Spinel
            Tourmaline from Paraiba, Brazil
            Fine Tourmalines from Africa
            Green Zoisite from East Africa
            Rare Gemstones from Mont St. Hilaire
            Update on Diffusion-Treated Sapphires
            Blue Enhanced Opal
            Irradiated Green Topaz
Synthetics and Simulants
            Synthetic Alexandrite Gets New Name
            More on Hydrothermal Synthetic Beryls
            Colored CZ Plentiful
            Rare Laboratory-Grown Crystals
            Magnetic "Pierceless Earrings"
            Another Chatoyant Glass
            Novel Crystal Opal Imitation
            Faceted Synthetic Quartzes
            Knischka Synthetic Rubies
            Synthetic Blue and Green Sapphires Grown by Czochralski Pulling
            Titanium-Doped Synthetic Pink Sapphire
            Imitations of Sugilite and Other Nontransparent Gems
            Faceted Colored YAG
            YAG as an "Ornamental" Material
            Instrument for Detecting Diffusion Treatment
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