Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 1991, Volume 27, No. 1

Spring 1991 Gem News International

Tucson ‘91
            Show Exhibits of Note
            Colored Diamonds
            Gem-Quality Synthetic Diamonds from the USSR
Colored Stones
            Madagascar Apatite
            Interesting Bead Materials
            Cat's-Eye Beryllonite
            Large Clinohumite
            Update on Corundum
            Unusual Colored Stone Cuts from Thailand
            Drusy Gems in Jewelry
            Uralian Emeralds
            Morganite from Mozambique
            Brazilian Opal
            Cultured Pearls
            Arizona Peridot
            Bicolored Quartz
            Cat's-Eye Rose Quartz
            Rhodolite from Orissa
            Violet Cat's-Eye Scapolite
            Update on Tanzanite
            Paraiba Tourmaline
            More on Vietnam Gem Finds
            Plastic-Treated Ammonite
            Enhanced Paua Shell
            Colored Opticon for Emeralds
            Heat Treatment of Ruby in Sri Lanka
            More on Diffusion-Treated Sapphires
Synthetics and Simulants
            New Synthetic Alexandrite
            Update on Chatham Production
            More on Synthetic Emeralds
            Man-Made Hematite Simulant
            Imitation Lapis Lazuli
            Gold in Quartz Doublets
            More Soviet Synthetics
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