Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 1985, Volume 21, No. 1

Spring 1985 Gem News International

            Australia: Potentially Major New Diamond Discovery in Northern Territory
            Canada: Geological Survey of Ontario Encourages Diamond Exploration
            Israel: Production, Exportation and Sales Increasing on a Wave of Recovery
            Sierra Leone: Government Purchases BP’s Share, Controls Mining Industry
Colored Stones
            Australia Produces 500+ Carat Opal from a New Locality
            Sri Lanka Looks at Mechanized Gem Mining
            Possibly World’s Largest Diaspore from Deposit in Turkey
Precious Metals
            Colombia Announces an Important Gold Deposit near Brazilian Border
            Scotian Mineral Exploration to Spend $3 Million Searching for Gold in Nova Scotia
            Gold Has Been Discovered in Finland
            Gold Production Will Begin in Southern Mali This Year
            CSIRO Division in Australia Has Developed an Improved Gold-Sampling Technique
            China Offers Loans to Individual Gold Miners to Encourage Exploration and Mining
            Further News on the Growth of Synthetic Gem Diamonds
            More on Russian Hydrothermal Synthetic Emeralds
Tucson 1985
            Beryl: Abundance of Aquamarines from New Source in Nigeria
            Diamond: Many Dealers Had Booths, Did Very Well
            Garnet: Various Types Being Mined in Mexico, New Mexico, Colombia, Africa
            Opal: Three Unusual Types Presented
            Parisite: A Dozen Large Crystals from Colombia Offered for Sale
            Tourmaline: Relatively New Yellow Tourmaline from Zambia Prominent
            Synthetics: Many Synthetic Materials, Particularly Amethyst, Available for Sale
            ISA to Host First North American Meeting of F.G.A.s and G.G.s in Atlanta
            New Gemological Journal from Sri Lanka
            World Congress of Jewelry Appraisers to Convene in NYC in 1986
            Hong Kong Jewelry and Watch Fair Scheduled for September
            Permanent Exhibit “Gemesis: Gemstones and Their Origins" opens in L.A.
            ICA to Sponsor Colored Gemstone Congress in Idar-Oberstein May 20-22          
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