Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 1983, Volume 19, No. 1

Spring 1983 Gem News International

            Australia: Argyle Diamond Sales Ltd Will Market Argyle Stones
            Belgium: Imports into Antwerp Increase
            Botswana: New Sorting Headquarters Opened
            China: Discovery of 96.94-ct. Stone
            Guinea: Production Scheduled to Start
            Israel: Net Imports Rise
            Japan: Customs Duty on Polished Diamonds Abolished
            Portugal: Report on Illicit Trading
            Singapore: Polishing Plant Completes First Year    
            South Africa: Large Diamond Recovered
            U.S.: Crater of Diamonds State Park
            Venezuela: Annual Output Dropping
Colored Stones
            Cat’s-eye Chrysoberyl Discovered in Zimbabwe
            New Equipment Improved Cutting Efficiency of Emeralds
            Japan’s Export of Pearls Decreased
            Amethyst Deposit Discovered in Brazil
            Discovery of another Rare Taaffeite
            Irradiated Topaz from Brazil
            Southern California Mine Produces Many Colors of Tourmaline
            Synthetic Ruby Will Soon be Marketed
Tucson, 1983 

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