Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 1982, Volume 18, No. 1

Spring 1982 Gem News International

            Australia: Ashton Mining Predicts Yield
            Belgium: Concern over Cut Diamonds from Russia
            Ghana: Only Production Mine May Be Closed
            Guinea: Investment for Production Planned
            India: New Sources for Rough Sought
            Israel: Processing appears to be Reviving
            South Africa: Bourse Opened Recently
            Sweden: First Discovery in Europe
            Taiwan: Plant Opening in Republic of China
            U.S.: GE Announces Invisible ID
            USSR: First Underground Mine Underway                                                           
Colored Stones
            Aquamarine from Afghanistan
            Synthetic Amethyst
            Imitation Opal
            Israeli Emerald Industry
            Another Taaffeite
            New Pala Tourmaline Pockets
International Gemological Symposium
Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
            Beryl: Aquamarines Plentiful
            Corundum: Orange, Pink, Yellow Sapphires Abundant
            Garnet: Orange Garnets and Rhodolites Plentiful
            Malachite: Many Fine Specimens
            Pearl: Large Quantity on Display
            Peridot: Fine Specimens from Burma and Arizona
            Spinel: All Colors Plentiful
            Spodumene: Afghanistan Rough, Brazilian Cut
            Sugulite: Purple Stone Shown in Quantity
            Tanzanite: Few Fine Specimens in Evidence
            Topaz: Concern over Radiation
            Tourmaline: Green from Zambia Plentiful
            Canadian Gemmological Association Opens Course
            Scholarships Offered
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