Gems & Gemology, Fall 2009, Volume 45, No. 3

Update on Ammolite Production from Southern Alberta, Canada

Peer Reviewed Article
Keith A. Mychaluk
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Update on Ammolite Production from Southern Alberta, Canada

There have been a number of changes in Ammolite production from southern Alberta, Canada, since 2001. Korite International continues to be the dominant supplier, with a 40% increase in finished-stone production during this period. As mining focuses on Zone 4 of the host Bearpaw Formation, Korite’s inventory has changed from predominantly fractured to sheet Ammolite. The Aurora Ammolite mine, operated by Rusty Pimm Enterprises, is the only other fully mechanized open-pit mine, but artisanal miners continue to be active. Dinolite—Ammolite combined with siliceous dinosaur bone—has been introduced as yet another innovative use for Ammolite.


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Fall, 2009

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