Gems & Gemology, Fall 1997, Vol. 33, No. 3

Multicolored Bismuth-bearing Tourmaline from Lundazi, Zambia

Peer Reviewed Article
Mary L. Johnson, Cheryl Y. Wentzell, and Shane Elen
Tourmalines from an alluvial deposit near Lundazi in Zambia consist of color zoned pink/colorless/yellow-green “watermelon” nodules; many fashioned stones contain patches and blends of all three colors. Although these elbaite tourmalines are unusually rich in bismuth (up to 0.49 wt. % Bi2O3), the presence of bismuth apparently has no effect on their gemological properties. Approximately 10,000 carats of fashioned stones are known to have been produced from October 1996 to mid-1997.

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