Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Fall 1997, Volume 33, No. 3

Fall 1997 Gem News International

            Extreme Wear on Diamonds
            How Many Diamonds Are There in Arkansas?
Colored Stones and Organic Material
            Prospecting for Beryl in Saudi Arabia
            Lab Alert: Radioactive Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyls
            Demantoid Garnets from Russia
            Namibian Demantoid Garnets
            A Gem-Quality Ettringite Group Mineral, Probably Sturmanite
            Bicolored Grossular-Andradite Garnets from Mali
            More on Opal from Shewa, Ethiopia
            Gem Rhodonite from Australia
            “Pink Geuda” Sapphires from Vietnam and Their Treatment
Synthetics and Simulants
            Change-of-Color Synthetic Sapphires Represented as yet Another “New Find”
            GGG from Russia
            Gems & Gemology Author Wins European Cutting Competition
            Standards Issued for the Jewelry Industry in China
            Dates Set for February 1998 Tucson Shows
            Visit Gems & Gemology in Tucson
            International Society of Appraisers
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