Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Fall 1992, Volume 28, No. 3

Fall 1992 Gem News International

            New Treatment Plant at Alexander Bay
            Results of Canadian Bulk Sampling
            British Crown Jewels to Move in 1994
            India Plans Increased Mining
            Expansion at Jwaneng
            Diamonds from Myanmar
            Venetia Mine Officially Opens
            Diamond-Cutting Plant in Vietnam
Colored Stones
            Amber with Insect "Inclusion"
            More Amber from Russia
            Blue Chalcedony from Montana
            An Unusual Zoned Specimen
            Diopside from Tanzania
            Ironstone Matrix as a Carving Material
            Mansfieldite Gemstone Egg
            Pearls from Baja California
            Natural Pearls from the New World
            Large South Seas Pearl Illustrated
            Pearl Culturing in Venezuela
            Faceted Ruby from Longido, Tanzania
            Sapphires from Madagascar
            Pennsylvania Sphalerite
            Tourmaline with Distinctive Inclusions
            Diffusion-Treated Sapphire Cabochons Sold as Natural
            Kit with Colored Fracture Filler
            Update on Dyed Green Quartz
            New Ruby Treatment
Synthetics and Simulants
            New Synthetic Alexandrite
            Glass from Mount Saint Helens Rock
            Unusual Assembled Glass Imitation
            Another Assembled Imitation Crystal Opal
            Natural-Appearing Synthetic Rubies on the Thai-Myanmar Border
            A New Twist to Imitations of Vietnamese Ruby
            Assembled Imitation Bicolored Tourmaline
In Memoriam
            Mr. Vahan Djevahirdjian of Hrand Djevahirdjian S.A.
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