Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Fall 1990, Volume 26, No. 3

Fall 1990 Gem News International

            Diamond Prospects in Brazil
            New Venture in Botswana
            New Sierra Leone Mining Policy
            Australian Firm Prospecting in China
            Goa, India, Seeking Diamond Merchants
            Prospects in India Worsen
            Diamond Prospecting in India
            Revised Figures for Kalimantan
            Sri Lanka Attracting Diamond Industry Investment
            Thailand Auctions Smuggled Diamonds
            New Diamond Discovery in USSR
            Soviet Delegation Visits Israel
            Eastern Europe Opens to Diamond Cutters
            Diamond Rush in Australia
Colored Stones
            Ancient Mushroom Inclusion in Amber
            Greenish Blue Cat's-eye Apatite
            Zimbabwe Emerald Update
            Unusual Cat's-eye Diopside
            Fine-Quality Chatoyant Iolite
            Gem Finds in Inner Mongolia
            Opal with True Chatoyancy
            Star Scapolite
            More Activity at the Sugilite Mine
            Unusual Carved Tanzanite
            Cat's-Eye Tanzanite
            Faceted Gems with Aqua Aura Enhancement
            New Opal Enhancement
            "Plastic"-Coated Sugar-Treated Opal
Synthetics and Simulants
            Knischka Synthetic Ruby Update
            Fluorite Imitating Emerald
            Imitation Jade Carving
            Tucson Gem and Mineral Show 1991
            International Gemological Symposium 1991
            Updates from the State Gem Corporation of Sri Lanka
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