Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Fall 1981, Volume 17, No. 3

Fall 1981 Gem News International

            Angola: Highest Output Reached
            Australia: Argyle Mine to Begin Operation in 1985
            Botswana: New Mine to Begin Production in 1982
            Lesotho: Joint Project with Canada
            U.S.: Record-Setting Stone Discovered
            USSR: New Mine in Yakut Area
Pakistan Enters the Gem Scene
            Emerald: Fine Specimens from Swat
            Ruby: Abundance, Range of Color
            Spinel: Associated with Rubies
            Topaz: Deposit of Rare Color Depleted
            Aquamarine: Great Quantity Beneath K2
            Chrome Diopside: Cat’s-Eye Effect
            Kunzite: Found in Chitral
            Garnet: Pyrope Found Near Dir
            Chrome Tourmaline: Samples Too Small for Use as Gemstones
            Ornamental Gems: Occur Widely Throughout Country
            American Museum of Natural History
            Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
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