Financial Aid Academic Requirements

Students at GIA must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to receive student financial aid. Satisfactory Academic Progress is reviewed, in general, at the end of each payment period. A student's continued eligibility for financial aid in a subsequent payment period shall be dependent upon his/her academic record as of the end of the previous payment period. Federal regulations require that all institutions participating in Title IV federal student aid programs establish academic standards to ensure students make satisfactory progress.

Financial Aid Warning Status: Financial aid recipients who fail to meet the standards defined above will be placed on Financial Aid Warning Status for the following payment period. Students in Financial Aid Warning Status remain eligible for federal student aid. If a student has not returned to “good” academic standing (According to the Satisfactory Academic Progress in the GIA 2019 Education Catalog for Carlsbad Campus by the end of the Financial Aid Warning Status payment period, the student will lose eligibility for federal student aid from that point forward. Such dismissal/loss of eligibility may be subject to appeal. For details on how to appeal, please contact us.