Vocational Rehabilitation Enrollment Procedure

Qualified students may be eligible to receive additional types of financial assistance.

If you receive approval from an outside resource that will pay for all or part of your tuition, you must have that organization contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance prior to your start date at 800 421 7250 ext 4005. A letter of authorization indicating the amount of financial assistance from that organization must be received by GIA prior to enrolling in a program.

The information required from an authorizing agency to enroll a client in GIA programs is below.

Vocational Rehab Agency Authorization Contract

This contract must be on official agency forms or letterhead with the following information:

1. Student’s name and address.

2. Student's social security number.

3. GIA program and course name(s) with start date(s). For more information on program descriptions and class schedules, click on the following links:
          Program Descriptions
          Class Schedules

4. Method(s) of study approved for chosen program: Online Education, On-Campus, Lab Classes.

5. Total amount authorized for chosen study program. You may request an Education Plan or for more information on current tuition and fee schedules, click on the following links:
          Carlsbad Campus
          New York Campus

6. Invoicing procedure: Indicate preferred method for receiving invoices and invoicing address. For tuition invoice questions, contact us.

7. Authorizing agency contact information: Name, title, e-mail address, phone and fax numbers.

8. Method to receive student’s progress reports: Agency contact’s e-mail or by fax (provide #).

9. Provide a copy of “Release Information Consent” for your agency.

Equipment Authorization Contract

Must be separate from authorization contract for course study.

To request pro forma invoice for equipment: Contact GIA Instruments directly at 800 421 8161. They will price the equipment for you and issue you a pro forma invoice based on current pricing. (Refer to GIA's campus store for current equipment pricing: store.gia.edu)

Equipment billing questions: For information on how to set up the payment procedure for equipment invoicing, contact us.

Enrollment Procedure

When Authorization Contract process is complete, the student must call to register and enroll: 800 421 7250, Ext 4401. Receipt of an Authorization Contract does not automatically enroll a student.

To submit your authorizations please contact us for instructions.