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Applied Jewelry Professional (Intensive)

Essential Knowledge for Sales Professionals

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The Applied Jewelry Professional™ program covers topics including jewelry designs, setting styles, jewelry care, and other content that will support your product knowledge and provide excellent service to customers. To enable effective product conversations, examples are provided on how to translate jewelry features into benefits and how to communicate the 4Cs of diamond value to customers. This program provides clear and concise information that can be immediately implemented on the job.

The program also covers:

•    Basic information about diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires
•    An overview of the GIA clarity grading system. 
•    How modern technology is changing the way diamonds are cut
•    The qualities of popular precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and more
•    Major jewelry manufacturing methods
•    The important activities involved in the operation of a retail jewelry store

This intensive offering consists of three courses: Diamond Essentials, Colored Stone Essentials and Jewelry Essentials. Depending upon the campus, the program is typically presented over 4 to 5 days. 

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What You Earn

  • Applied Jewelry Professional Credential