Scholarship Application Instructions

The next scholarship application period will be open April 15 - May 15, 2023.

The number of scholarships awarded, as well as the amount of each award, will vary by campus location, and the number of qualified applicants received.



  • On-Campus programs at the Carlsbad or New York Campuses only
  • Gemology Lab Classes at the Carlsbad or New York Campuses only
  • Online Courses

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS (non-U.S. citizens with country of residence outside the U.S.)

  • On-Campus programs at one of the following campuses: Hong Kong, India, London, Taiwan (Chinese language ONLY), and Thailand
  • Gemology Lab Class at one of the following campuses: Hong Kong, India, London, Taiwan (Chinese language ONLY), and Thailand
  • Online Courses


GIA scholarship application form is available only during the open application period. 

Required documents must be in Word, pdf or jpeg format (rtf, odt, txt, msg documents, zip folders or scans of social media are NOT acceptable).

Complete only one online scholarship application form, answer all questions and attach required documents. Required documents include a minimum of one letter of reference. The second additional document may include - a portfolio, awards/honors earned, news/trade articles, a personal statement, or an additional letter of reference. Applications submitted without required documents will be rejected.

Applicant must indicate a program of study and the method of study (on-campus, lab class, or online courses). The learning choices selected in the application assist in the scholarship award decision. Applicants do not apply for a specific scholarship.

Scholarship recipients awarded a GIA scholarship are required to accept or decline their award in the scholarship portal.

All applicants not chosen for a scholarship, or those who decline a scholarship, are encouraged to apply again.

GIA Scholarship application is required to be received by the application deadline. Scholarship deadline extensions are not granted. 

Assistance during normal U.S. business hours (PST) will be provided to applicants experiencing technical issues. Contact us for assistance.


LETTER(s) of REFERENCE (one required, two allowed) recommending you for a GIA scholarship

  • Letter of reference is not for employment. DO NOT attach a resume or CV
  • Writer states who they are, how they know you, why they are recommending you for a GIA scholarship, and why they believe a GIA scholarship award will help you achieve your goals
  • Typed (not handwritten) in English (or accompanied by an English-language translation)
  • The letter writer should be from a professional company. Other acceptable writers are: employers (managers, supervisors, co-workers), church (staff, or member), Teachers (former or current), community or non-profit  organization you volunteer with
  • Letter must be signed & dated within past 12 months, and must include  writers contact information (name, address, phone, and email address)
  • Letters if available should be written on company letterhead
  • ACCEPTABLE document format: PDF, Word document or jpeg.               
  • NOT ACCEPTABLE document format (will be rejected): rtf, txt or odt files, zip folders or scans of social media pages


  • GIA Scholarship funds can be applied to the cost of TUITION ONLY. Scholarship funds CANNOT be used for the cost of books, shipping, housing, meals, travel, applicable local taxes, or miscellaneous expenses
  • All GIA scholarship awards are applied directly to the recipient’s GIA tuition account; cash funds are not released directly to the student
  • Scholarship awards may only be applied to tuition and fees for classes in which the applicant is not yet enrolled
  • Scholarship recipients are responsible for any tax liabilities that may apply
  • GIA staff and their immediate family members are not eligible for GIA Scholarship awards
  • Each applicant must fully disclose any business relationship he/she has with GIA, including any relationship as a client of the GIA Laboratory


GIA accepts scholarships awarded from outside sources – private companies, service organizations, state programs, employers, tribal grants, etc.

Outside Scholarships


Contact us or call at +1 800 421 7250, Ext 4131 (U.S. and Canada only) or +1 760 603 4131.