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Welcome to GIA’s digital library. The GIA Library purchases 20th and 21st century ebooks and audiobooks and makes them available through the free Libby ebook app.

All GIA students (including Online Learning/Distance Education), staff and alumni may borrow these materials.

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Digital Collections

Download e-books from our digitized rare book collection. Over 1,000 important works on gemology, mineralogy, and jewelry from GIA’s Cartier Rare Book Repository are available for free download through GIA Library’s ongoing digitization project.  With titles dating from the 1400s to the 1990s, this collection covers history, art, science, lore, jewelry design and more.  It is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and members of the trade.  Available to everyone.

Gems & Gemology

GIA’s quarterly journal.  Digital access is free, and you can search the contents of all issues.
G&G suggested reading for Colored Stones
G&G suggested reading for Diamonds and Diamond Grading
G&G suggested reading for Gem Identification
Selected trade publications from around the world

Directory of Open Access Journals

Gain access to over 17,000 journals in 80 languages.  Select “Articles” if you are searching for a specific topic.  Select “Journals” if you are searching for a specific journal title.
The Santa Fe Symposium is “The Premier Conference for Jewelry Makers”.   Their papers from 2000 onwards are free to download:
These digital resources are for staff use only.  Please contact the GIA Library for access.
Adorn Insight  “is a global authority on change in the jewellery industry”.  Their subscription website features industry and stylistic trends.

Diamond and Related materials  DRM is an international journal publishing fundamental and applied research on all forms of diamond, the integration of diamond with other advanced materials and development of technologies exploiting diamond. 
GIA has an image database containing over 240,000 images.  For access, please contact the library’s DAM support.
The following list of open access resources is for information purposes only and does not imply endorsement by GIA. 

Appraisal Associations
Auction Houses
Design Competitions
Diamond Cutting Schools
Pricing Guides for Gemstones


Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast
The Jewellers Podcast
For the Love of Jewelers
Jewelry Journey Podcast
Thrive by Design:  Business and Marketing Strategy for Fashion, Jewelry, and Creative Brands
The Jewelry District by JCK

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