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This transparent quartz has colors of both amethyst and citrine, and is called ametrine or amethyst-citrine.

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Golden Yellow

Golden shades of citrine glow in the heart of this gem.

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Lovely Purple

Shades of amethyst’s purple contrast with citrine’s orangy yellow.

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Blended shades

Reflections from the back facets blend into sunset colors in this rectangular cut.

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This quartz crystal shows both amethyst and citrine colors.

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Top Quality

This facet grade rough piece will produce a superb cut gem.

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With only one producing source, the supply of ametrine is very limited.

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Buyer's Guide

Ametrine is a bicolor gem that’s highly prized when it displays an attractive balance between its most desirable amethyst and citrine shades.


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What To Look For

Gem designer John Dyer’s Starbrite ™ cut features bicolor ametrine at its best, with a nice distinction between its two main colors. – Lydia Dyer, gem courtesy John Dyer & Co.

The striking bicolor nature of ametrine is its most important feature.

Ametrine Clarity

Most gem-quality ametrines do not have eye-visible inclusions.

Many consumers value unusual gems cut in unique designs. This intriguing 26.60-ct. ametrine was fashioned by gem artist Michael Dyber. It’s meant to grace a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. – Eric Welch, courtesy Michael Dyber

Cutting styles that emphasize ametrine’s unique color combination are popular with consumers.

This 18K gold ring boasts a 52.62-ct. ametrine Dreamscape ™ cut by gem designer John Dyer. A gem of this size demands a bold design like this very handsome ring. Courtesy Cassanova's Jewelry
Carat Weight

Ametrine is available in a wide range of sizes. Generally, larger gems have the most intense colors.

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